Fresh Start

I own two incredible books by Rick Renner; Sparkling Gems Vol 1 & 2. These daily devotionals offer deep insight into the use of the Greek language and interpreting the original intent of the author’s message to the reader. Too often I read through a passage and miss the depth of the message, overlooking how … More Fresh Start

The Other Woman

     Mary, the Madonna, the virgin mother of our Lord, the innocent, virtuous young girl who found favor in the eyes of God and was chosen to deliver the gift of our Savior to the world. So much of our Christmas attention is given to her, and rightly so. The bravery of this young girl … More The Other Woman

Fire Seeds

Fire is both beautiful and deadly; life giving and life ending; it can draw you in or repel you away. Fire is hot, intense, and produces fear. If we are not taught to respect fire, it can rob us, scare us, and leave us depleted. Fire is no respecter of gender, race, social status, or … More Fire Seeds

The Greatest Miracle

Miracle… such an incredible array of emotions are released in me when I hear that word. Joy when a miracle presents itself; elation when the miracle is an answer to prayer; confusion when miracles do not come after prayer; compassion for those who do not receive a miracle after much prayer; sadness for delayed miracles; … More The Greatest Miracle

Do you Trust Me?

On July 27, 2018 I cried out to the Lord in desperation. I had come to an impasse; a place in which the faith I placed in the certain impossibility of the challenge in front of me loomed larger than my faith in God. In my feeble attempt at a “quiet time”, I whined before … More Do you Trust Me?


    I love it when God directs me to a new translation of the Bible. I know many who do not agree with all of the modern translations of the Bible, but I decided long ago that if God wants to get His point across, He can use any means necessary… whether it be a … More Masquerade