Chose Wisely

I am a true child of the Eighties. I look back on those years and smile. I loved the big hair, the leggings and big shirts (which thankfully, are back in style – wow I guess living long enough to see a style come back around solidifies the fact that I am old), being outside all the time because we were not bound my technology, the MUSIC and oh yes, the movies! One of my favorites was the last of a trilogy that started in the eighties and ended in the nineties, The Raiders of the Lost Ark series. Harrison Ford was my secret crush, and I was seldom disappointed in his acting. My favorite scene happened in that third movie as Harrison’s character, Dr. Jones, is speaking to the last of three brothers who were tasked with guarding the holy grail of Christ. The cup from which He drank at the passover meal,  just prior to his death, was believed to hold healing properties and incredible power to grant eternal life to the one who drank from it. During the conversation the man explains to Dr. Jones that he is free to take the cup, but to take it he must first “choose wisely”. After what seemed like an eternity in movie seconds, Dr. Jones finally chooses the correct cup, the humble cup of a carpenter, and returns to save the life of his father. I have often returned to that scene in my mind’s eye each time I am encounter the choices I face. Each time a crossroads is before me I get a mental picture of the wise guardian speaking softly the words “choose wisely”.

There are two devotional books that I make my goal to read everyday, God Calling and Jesus Calling. I may not have time each day for in depth bible study, but most mornings and can carve out a few moments to ingest these books, read the scriptures they guide me to and focus my thoughts for the day ahead. Today, as they quite seldom do, the two books tracked together. Both spoke of our choices. The outcome of my day, it’s level of productivity, the message I communicate to others, the thoughts that impact my self esteem all boil down to my choices. It really is a simple as that. I choose what to say and how to say it. I choose how to manage my time, money and resources. I choose my frustration level and how to respond to it. I choose whether or not to impact my health for good or bad. I choose to love, I choose to laugh, I choose obedience, I choose consistency, I choose! The question really is, “What am I choosing?”

My devotionals presented it this way. In every choice I can either choose to practice His presence or practice the presence of my problems. I can either choose the spirit of the tomb or the spirit of resurrection. On the surface the choice seems obvious. Of course I would choose life over death or letting Him do the work. But the reality is I seldom go there first. My first instinct is to try and figure things out on my own, to do things in my own strength and knowledge. You would think by now I would have figured out that I know NOTHING! I am not capable to accomplishing anything without Him. So why is the choice so hard? Why is letting him take over so terrifying? Is it because of my control issues? My insecurities? My lack of faith? A resounding yes to all!

Today I have set the goal to choose wisely. For today I choose to let Him lead. For today I choose to pause long enough to ask His direction. And with the rising sun of each new day I will stare lovingly into the face of my guardian, my savior, and respond to his instruction to “choose wisely”, “yes, daddy, show me how”.

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