Learning to be more and do less is a challenge unlike any I have ever faced. It is thought provoking; which, for me, is exhausting!. Provoking one thought leads me on a never th-1ending chase in my mind as each thought initiates another and another and so on. Often I am left with more questions than I started with., which leads to frustration on top of mental exhaustion. I do wish sometimes that God had given me the ability to “turn my brain off” as my husband says. I just simply do not know how. I am compelled to find answers, truth, wisdom and knowledge. My typical path to finding that knowledge has been to do more. I equated activity with a download of information; experiential learning. It’s the Martha part of me. The hands on, active learner, who searches for answers and meaning through activity. In all that activity, Mary is trying to push her way forward, to remind me that every download has to have a time of installation. Gathering the information does no good if I only download and never install. Depending on the size of the download, installation could take minutes or hours. My active pursuit has to allow time for the installation. That’s what being is. Being is the installation of all that God has downloaded. Being is the process of making us think, look and act like Him.

Today is short and sweet! Today is for installation. I have read, researchedth and accumulated so much that I must install before going forward. I must allow God to process and filter, look for bugs in my system and delete any misinformation which may try to embed itself. I encourage you to do the same. Take time today to simply sit. Sip your coffee, outside in His beautiful creation. Breathe in the fresh air, exhale and relax. Take a moment to reflect on what He may have downloaded to you. Install the download deep into your system to draw on when it is needed. Practice being today!

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