Call Me

Like most families striving to maintain connection in the ever quickening pace of life, all six of us have a cell phone. The ability to text a simple message allows us to keep up with the activities, schedules and needs of the other members of the family. A quick text can  be sent when a traditional phone call would be inappropriate. A text can lightening fast add an item to the list while dashing to the grocery store or add a forgotten errand to the never ending to do list. Texting has saved us many times from embarrassment, but I must admit I am in a love/hate relationship with texting. While texting has added a new level of convenience to our family life, it has also pulled us in six separate directions.

I find myself mourning the death of conversation. At times I miss hearing the melodic tones in the voices of my family and friends. Many times the yearning for conversation will lead me to text “call me”. Volumes are spoken in those two simple words.images-3 Those two small words are me screaming from my gut, “l love you, I miss you, I need you and I need to hear your voice!” Those simple words are the desperate plea to my family and friends that I need to hear your voice to be assured that you are living, breathing and real. Those words are my way of expressing that I need more than a one word, monotone response to a question, I need to hear in your voice that you really are OK. Those words speak to the heart of who I am and how I need conversation to be connected to my family. I have used the words so often that the other members of the family have begun to text them as well. It has become an unspoken indicator that we need one another and need to hear one another speak.

imagesThe holiday season is typically a whirlwind of activity and this one has been no exception to that rule. The Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays are the trademark days for family gatherings, church activities, and social celebrations of one another. During these busy days I find myself falling into the old pattern of spending too much time on trivial things and not enough on the things that matter. Number one being my time alone with God. This time of year I get so busy that my conversations with Him become hastily jotted notes in my journal or quick expressions of love, thanks or “hey, can you take care of this?” spoken in haste as I jet around marking items off my to do list. When the soothing sounds of my alarm gently woke me this morning, (No abrupt, harsh alarms for me! That would be a definite assurance of waking in a bad mood!) I was was greeted with the words “call me”. My sweet, Abba father was calling to my spirit and using the words He knew would get my immediate attention. He was sending me a simple reminder that He needed to hear my the tones in my voice to know that I am OK. His reminder spoke to the most intimate part of me and reminded me that He needed more than my one word responses to His messages, He needed a conversation with me.

images-2If you have not taken the time today to have a conversation with God, I encourage you to do so. Take time to lavish Him with your words of adoration, your praise, your thanks, lay your requests before Him and then take the time to listen for His response. He needs to hear your voice and in return He will speak to you. If you pause long enough you may hear him gently whisper “call me”.


One thought on “Call Me

  1. I love how I hear your voice in my head when I read your words. I love the tranparency and vulnerability in your words. Seems so silly, but to hear my son’s voice, the laughter, the pain, the strength, the determination, soothes the mom in me. His tone tells me he is ok. I love you, Shannon Jackson. I cried reading it to Trevor.

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