The Thorny Maze

I’m one of those weird people that enjoys being outside, working up a sweat, driving with the windows down in the summer, and opening the windows instead of running the AC in the house. And I have been that way as long as I can remember. I’ve never been one of those women who was … More The Thorny Maze

Transition, part 2

In my earlier post, Transition,  I mentioned that most of what I have read, seen or heard lately has revolved around this fascinating word. (If you missed the post you can read part one here.) Transition is a necessary requirement for all life to function properly. As we live out the days of our lives, … More Transition, part 2


It seems that everywhere I turn lately I see images and read statements that have something to do with birth, new life, new seasons, shift, change, etc… In all the images and phrases, there is one common thread among them. One word that continues to pop up, attached in some way to most of what … More Transition

No More Re-Solutions

Originally posted on shannonleighjackson:
Today is the beginning of a brand new year. Today is a fresh start, a clean slate, a do-over. I will read many posts today about the resolutions my friends will be making. I will hear declarations and proclamations about how this will be the year for change. This will be…

Call Me

Like most families striving to maintain connection in the ever quickening pace of life, all six of us have a cell phone. The ability to text a simple message allows us to keep up with the activities, schedules and needs of the other members of the family. A quick text can  be sent when a … More Call Me

Dead Heading

I love the fall. The colors, smells, tastes and sounds explode onto the scene with an artistic excellence that fills my senses; creating a daily enticement to rise early and see what wonderful transitions have occurred while I slept. In my excitement I eventually find myself standing in the garden department of a local retailer, … More Dead Heading


I have been decidedly quiet during this election cycle. The purpose of an election is for We the People to have a voice. Our voice should be heard in our vote, not used to sling mud, argue our mostly, uneducated and unsupported opinions on social media, or participate in hate speech. Elections are meant to … More Disarmed